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Hearing Loss Causes Speech Disorder in Children

Did you know that Hearing Loss in children may also cause Speech disorder? Hearing forms an important process of our whole communication process. It is critical in the development of language and speech. Thus hearing loss in children often makes them suffer from speech disorder too. What is more unfortunate is that this problem often goes unnoticed in children till long. As a result, what happens in children is it causes a delay in the development of receptive and expressive Communication Skills (speech & language). The language deficit also leads to learning problems and reduced academic achievements. As a result of this problem it ultimately causes social isolation and low self-esteem. We at Bengal Speech, being a recognised clinic for Hearing Loss and Speech Therapy, housing certified Audiologists and speech-language pathologist in Kolkata and India’s largest chain for hearing aids & speech disorder, have identified this problem and thus offer speech therapy as one of the primary services to deal with the problem.

If you observe that your child is suffering from any speech or language problem or he or she occasionally stutters, it is advisable for the consultation of a professional SLP or Speech-Language Pathologist in Kolkata. The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), also known as Speech Therapist is the one who diagnoses the speech disorder and then treats the problem. This may range from physical strengthening exercises, instructive or repetitive practice and drilling and use of audio-visual aids.

Speech Disorder - autism treatment in kolkata

Speech Disorder in Children:

Speech disorder in children may be many. One common type of disorder is stuttering or stammering, wherein the child ends up repeating the same words, phrases while speaking. Disorder of Articulation causes the child to produces sounds, syllables or sounds in a way that the listener is unable to gather and understand it. The child may also suffer from Voice disorder.

Speech Therapy for Children with Speech Disorder:

As mentioned above speech treats speech-language as well as other communication that the child may suffer from. The treatment may range from physical strengthening exercises, instructive or repetitive practice and drilling and use of audio-visual aids. The goal of speech therapy is for the individual to develop or get back communication skills to the optimum level. Recovery through Speech Therapy depends on the severity of the problem. The Speech therapist or speech-language pathologist in Kolkata is trained extensively in the field. It involves 4 years degree course & 2 years Master Degree course in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology from an RCI affiliated college under UGC recognized university. He or she must have an RCI Registration Number as well as ISHA registration number in the Speech & Hearing Profession.

In children, the problem often goes unnoticed for long and thus parents play a crucial role in the treatment. This begins with the identification of the problem and thereafter consulting the SLP or Speech Therapist. The parents can also help by actively participating in the speech therapy sessions when the speech therapy sessions are being carried out by a trained speech-language pathologist in Kolkata. They can try to learn what is being done and then try to repeat the same at home. Parents must provide the right environment so that the child hears and says the sounds correctly. Research in this field has found that hearing affects sound acquisition in a big way.

Though speech disorder may also affect adults too, for children the effects are much more far-reaching. This is why being experts in the treatment of speech therapy, we would advise you to beware of the problem and consult our SLPs if any symptoms are noted in your child. For further information in this regard, please visit

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