Hearing Aids Brands

Best hearing aid trial & fitting under direct supervision & consultation of renowned audiologists. Get branded hearing aids such as ALPS Hearing Care, Oticon Hearing Aids, Resound Hearing Aid, Unitron Hearing Devices & Hearing Machines, Phonak Hearing Systems & more. Pure tone audiometry, Cochlear implant, Tympanometry & more services under one roof.

Speech Therapy & Voice Therapy

Expert speech therapy, voice therapy, Stuttering/Stammering care treatment, Autism treatment, treatment for communication and swallowing disorders & speech audiometry by expert speech language pathologists. Also get services for Occupational Therapy, Psychological Assessment & Counseling, Special Education for autistic children & more.

Expert Audiologists & Speech Pathologists

We have a pool of experienced & expert audiologists and speech pathologists for your care. A few of them are - Mr. Somenath Mukherjee (Honorary Director & BASR (Cal) MASLP (Cal)), Mr. Abhishek Dutta (HOD of Audiology, BASLP (Cal), MASLP (Cal)), Mr. PRabir Karmakar (HOD, Speech Language Pathology, BASLP(Cal), MASLP(Cal))