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Audiologists And Their Importance

Are you trying to find good audiologists to test your ears? The ability to hear properly forms an integral part of our lives. Often hearing impairments may often adversely affect our education, our employability, even our social lives. The reason is that hearing is so important for proper communication. The lack of hearing can often lead to ways of missing out vital information and lead to isolation and depression. In case of children loss of hearing leads to delay in speech and adversely affects language development. As the largest chain of clinics for hearing aid in India, we at Bengal Speech and Hearing examine why the role of Audiologists are so critical in the treatment of hearing loss.

In simple terms “Audiology” is the treatment of hearing impairment and speech-related disorders. Audiologists diagnoses and evaluates the hearing condition of an individual and determines the degree and type of hearing loss. Thereafter the audiologists recommend various treatments like the use of hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc. The assessment of the hearing impairment is done through various hearing tests. Often hearing loss is not treated too seriously by most people. In fact, unlike cases of vision loss or other related issues, people tend to ignore it and often go unnoticed for long. People find it difficult to admit that they are hard of hearing and try to use other methods like lip reading, gestures for following what is being spoken. Thus, the problem gets ignored and often tends to worsen with time. Please don’t ignore hearing loss problems, consult the best audiologists in Kolkata at Bengal Speech and Hearing.

In children, the problem is even worse. Most parents do not realize that their children may be suffering from hearing loss. The problem goes totally unnoticed until it is quite late. Thus following closely on certain symptoms regarding the child’s hearing may quickly reveal the indication of hearing impairment. If it is noticed that the child is unresponsive to sound, unable to follow simple words clearly, it is advisable the child’s hearing needs to be tested accurately. Right from the beginning there are hearing tests which could assess the child’s hearing condition. Professional Audiologists who are sufficiently experienced in dealing with children could help out after assessing the hearing loss. Treatments could be from the use of hearing aids to cochlear implants in cases where there is severe hearing loss. Hearing loss and its severity can be quantified. The treatment of the hearing loss is determined by audiologists only after an assessment of the degree of the same. There are various factors causing the hearing loss, which may be lifestyle factors to a large extent. Assessment of these factors is all closely analyzed, for example, the existence of debates, thyroid, etc. before treatment decisions are finalized. Examinations by the audiologist include the examination of the inner ear, middle ear, cochlear and vestibular region for matters pertaining to balance and spatial orientation. The role of the audiologists is also important not only in the selection of the hearing aid depending on your health condition but also the maintenance of the same. At Bengal Speech, we have an expert of a highly experienced and competent team of audiologists who can help you to determine your hearing condition and provide you with the best hearing loss treatments available.

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