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How Early Autism Treatment Benefits Autistic Kids?

Today, many blogs, news, and articles come up with the term ’Autism’ familiarizing the word with the common public. The continuous rise in the prevalence of Autism compelled the researchers to put more effort in finding out some remedy. Ultimately, they have come to the conclusion that early diagnosis and treatment leads to positive outcomes.

Early Treatment Helps in Kid’s Mental Development

Experts doing autism treatment in Kolkata are of the opinion that the kids having autism or ASD characteristics can be benefited immensely with early intervention. This early intervention is inclusive of a series of therapies to accelerate the kid’s mental development. Your selected specialist may suggest your kid to undergo one kind of therapy or several therapies, considering the condition.

Most of the times, autistic kids face communication difficulties. It, in turn, affects their behavior, and they may start to behave aggressively. Failing to express their needs and thoughts make them feel inferior. On the contrary, if they could have been able to express what they think, they would have been like others.

Apart from it, early treatment helps in normalizing the growth of autistic kids. Researches showed that 90% of a kid’s brain develop within the age of 3. If you’re noticing any delay in your kid’s mental growth, it’s better to seek the assistance of the doctors without delaying the issue further.

Symptoms of Autism

Be a careful observer and see whether your kid is having the symptoms said below or not.

  • Spinning or rocking motions
  • Fear of physical touch
  • Hesitate to have eye contact
  • Suffers from echolalia or repeat the same words or phrases
  • Small changes upset him or her

Moreover, improper sleep and constipation are some of other problems which a child suffering from autism has. They may fail to climb or run because of their bad coordination among big muscles.

Factors to be Considered for ASD Diagnosis

Various kinds of therapies done at a recognized center of autism treatment in Kolkata are based on evidences, structured properly, and are family-centred. You have to consider several factors prior to choosing early treatment. Find out whether your specialist is considering all the above-said factors.

On the Basis of Evidences:

  • The language, listening, and communication skills of the kids are tested.
  • Strategies are designed to enable the kids learn many new skills and how to use them effectively.
  • Identifies the reason behind your kid’s aggressive behavior. Besides, another appropriate behavior is taught to the kid so that he stops acting violently.

Proper Structure:

  • Tailor-made plan is framed for the kid. Impact of the plan implementation is reviewed regularly by the professionals.
  • Your kid’s progress will be monitored regularly.
  • Prepares your kid to go to school confidently.
  • The supportive learning ambiance is created so as to make your kids comfortable in learning.


  • Family members are included in the sessions so that they can learn about the services and join the professionals to quicken the process.
  • Guides and support the family
  • Offers flexibility enabling the parents to perform the services in various settings.

Affect of Autism on a Kid’s Brain

According to a study conducted in 2006, autism affects not only a part of the brain but the entire brain. Resultantly, an autistic kid will find it tough to accomplish complex tasks which demand for co-ordination among various parts of brain. The normal process of pruning gets disrupted which is actually a main part of a kid’s proper brain development.

The main reason behind the occurrence of Autism is still unknown. It has been seen that if on one hand, many kids are getting this disorder from their families then on the other hand, kids belonging to a healthy family is suffering from Autism. However, present day research says that early brain scans help identify the kids at a very early stage of their life as early as 6 months. Certain medications, therapies, and some changes in the lifestyle can improve your kid’s quality of life.

The Bottom Line

Till date, no medicine has been invented to cure autism permanently. However, there are certain medications to deal with specific symptoms. If the problem is taking a very serious turn, the doctors prescribe some anti-psychotic medicines. Anti-convulsant drugs are given to those kids having seizures. The doctor should monitor the progress closely and suggest changes in the prescription, if the situation demands so.

An autistic kid becomes a victim of depression quickly. It is the responsible of the parents and the therapist to help the kid overcoming the issue. Here, society should also come forward and instead of insulting them should adopt a sympathetic approach towards them.

In fact, without a united effort, the talents of the autistic kids will be lost in the darkness forever.

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