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Cochlear Implants as a treatment of hearing loss

Cochlear implants are fast replacing regular hearing aids and the feedback from users has been increasingly positive when it comes to the treatment of hearing loss. But people are not that aware of it yet. So here is a simple reckoner on all that you need to know about cochlear implants as a treatment of hearing loss.

What is a cochlear implant?

It is the hair cells of the cochlea (inner ear) is damaged could cause hearing loss. Cochlear implants are actually electronic medical devices which can replace the functions of a damaged inner ear. Think of it as a prosthetic, but only it helps in restoring the ability to hear. It is a lot different than conventional hearing aids. While conventional hearing aids only make the sounds louder by amplifying it, cochlear implants helps sound signals to bypass any of the damaged hair cells in the cochlea (or inner ear) to directly provide sound signals to the brain.

Who can they help?

Cochlear implant technology can help anybody with a severe hearing loss in both ears. Most people with severe hearing loss find no help or benefits from regular hearing aids. They can go for a sentence recognition test with an audiologist. If they score less than 50% without the hearing aids and less than 60% with the hearing aids on, this means they may need to consider cochlear implants as treatment for hearing loss.

The Benefits of Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implants have often been described as extremely beneficial for hearing loss. First of all, one can hear better with cochlear implants than with hearing aids. That is because, while hearing aids only amplifies sound waves or makes it louder, cochlear implants actually help to avoid any damaged hair cells in the inner ear and help send sound signals to the brain.  This means sound distinction is better with cochlear implants. One can really distinguish and focus on various sounds even in extremely noisy environments, something that is difficult to do with hearing aids. Also with cochlear implants there is better depth and distance perception, which in case of hearing aids is a tad bit unclear. For many people with hearing loss, speaking on the phone is not always easy, even with a hearing aid. There is a lot of feedback generated and the voice is unclear. In comparison to that, cochlear implants are way clearer and louder. Music  and other tonal sounds are clearer which means enhanced safety.

What factors can affect these benefits?

The benefits of cochlear implants are many but the benefits of it are different for different people. This is mainly due to the fact that different people have different levels of hearing. The severity of hearing loss is different in different people and also the presence of other medical conditions may vary its effect. This is why it is extremely important to consult with an experienced specialist, even before deciding that it’s a cochlear ear implant that would be the best way forward for you in your treatment for hearing loss.

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